Every Champagne House has its history …

Ours has been written over the course of almost a century and spans four generations, from father to son…

The origins of Champagne André Tixier & Fils go back to 1926 in Chigny-les-roses, a charming Premier Cru village in the heart of the Montagne de Reims.

It was that year that André TIXIER, from a long line of winegrowers, bottled his first champagnes to become the first winemaker of the family. It was also the year of the birth of his first son, Robert.


After the Second World War,

Robert worked alongside his father and took responsibility for the estate, later accompanied in his turn by his son Patrice, who was born in 1954.


In the eighties,

Patrice developed the estate, but always in the same spirit as his father and grandfather before him. His son, Julien, was born in 1984.


In 2007…

… after his studies in viticulture, Julien joined his father to learn the art of crafting champagne and the secrets of the family’s skills.

Today, as head of the estate, he has inherited ancestral skills and a collective memory built over many generations.

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