We are equipped with a 4,000 kg tilted plate press.
Our wines are made in our cellar which houses vats and oak barrels from the Montagne de Reims forest.
We work in partnership with the Tonnellerie de Champagne cooperage.


Vinification lasts around 8 months. Malolactic fermentation is not systematic, but depends on the profile of the vintage. Our approach is one of minimum intervention to allow nature its full expression.

After being bottled, the wines are laid down in our traditional cellar that was carved out of the chalk under the Domaine by André Tixier himself.


In the cellar, the bottles remain at a constant natural temperature of 10-12 degrees which enables the effervescence to form slowly. This is known as the “prise de mousse”.

The wines are aged on lees for a minimum of 24 month for the Carte Perle, and several years for the other cuvees.


Riddling, or turning the bottles, is done by hand on racks, or with the help of a gyro-palette. The bottles are released on to the market a minimum of 3 months after disgorgement.

Our Champagnes.

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