Champagne is famed the world over for its legendary fine bubbles, but for many years only the most passionate champagne lovers set foot in its vineyards.


Since the 4th July 2015, when it was honoured by being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the region has welcomed more and more visitors who come to appreciate champagne not as a wine of celebration, but as a wine of terroir.

In this context, our estate has fully embraced wine tourism with the aim of communicating and promoting our skills.


During your visit you will discover the press room where the wines are pressed and the cellar with its vats and barrels.

We will then descend into the ageing cellar, 9 metres underground, to see the bottles that are in the phase of maturing.

And to conclude, you will have the opportunity of discovering our champagnes.

Through these experiences you will see all the stages of making champagne, from the vineyard up to the moment the bottles are ready to be sold.

It is a great pleasure for us to share our passion, our work and our daily life as independent champagne makers with you.

Open for tasting and sale only.

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